Hydro Jetting & High Pressure Drain Cleaning in Houston, TX


Hydrojetting is a process that involves the use of industrial nozzles attached to high-pressure water to blast away the buildup of debris from your pipes. There are many benefits to that come along with using this high-pressure drain jet at your Houston property. Simply clearing a clog in the drain system can be completed with a snake. However, a snake won't remove the build-up down the line, and a drain back-up will occur again. A high-pressure drain cleaner is also good for the environment, as no harsh chemicals are used in the process. If you have a clogged drain and want to learn more about high-pressure jetting, call us at our Houston office today.

How Drains are Cleared with Hydrojetting in Houston

For any kind of clog, the use of caustic drain cleaners is not recommended because harsh chemicals can damage pipes. For major blockages, high-pressure jetting might be the best bet to clear stubborn clogs in a plumbing line. Once one of our skilled plumbers have identified what’s causing the blockage in the system and exactly where it’s located, a hose will be inserted and the high-pressure drain jet will blow away even well-established tree roots. If you are experiencing trouble with your drainage system, reach out to our professionals at Chavez Plumbing in Houston for help!

The Fast Way to Take Care of a Houston Clog

A high-pressure drain cleaner can yield many advantages, and one of those advantages is bacteria removal. Bacteria caused by dirt, soap scum, hair and grease can build up in drains and cause a foul smell. High-pressure jetting ensures bacteria won’t return. As soon as a drain clog begins, it can attract more dirt and debris, and create a major problem in your plumbing system. When you call the experienced plumbers at Chavez Plumbing, you can be assured that we will clear the clog with a hydrojetting technique, but we will also complete the work in a timely and professional manner.

Clogged Lines are No Problem for Our Houston Pros

If you reach out to Chavez Plumbing in Houston about a clogged drain pipe, our trained plumbers will arrive at your residence immediately to begin the process of high-pressure jetting. The procedure involves the use of high-pressure water to effectively scour plumbing pipes to clear the debris and get them back working properly. Hydrojetting is a comprehensive way to effectively clear a clogged line, so further buildup won’t happen in the future. For troubles with your plumbing line, there’s only one place to call, Chavez Plumbing in Houston.


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