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A broken hot water heater is a major inconvenience for and business owners around Houston because it forces you to change the way you go about your day. When you need to have a hot water heater in Houston repaired, it requires prompt, professional services from a plumber who understands how to diagnose the problem before planning to repair or replace the appliance.

We Take the Time to Understand What Your System Needs

Here at Chavez Plumbing Inc. near Houston, we never just jump blindly into a situation. Instead, we assess all the issues that could have went wrong with your water heater. We take the time to understand what your system requires and the best way to go about your needs. With a dedicated team such as yours, you'll have a working and efficient water heater in no time.

Saving You Money Is Our Top Priority

Often, companies will automatically advise you to opt for their water heater replacement and new installation. However, we do things differently here at Chavez Plumbing Inc. After a thorough inspection, we determine whether a replacement is the way to go or if you can receive the same results from a simple repair. Unlike other Houston companies, we work hard to save you money any way we can. You'll be glad you choose our Houston professionals for your new building installation and replacement services.

Choose What Works Best for You

If you're unsure whether an electric, gas, or tankless water heater is right for you, allow our Houston experts to assist you. We know that with tankless water heaters, the initial cost is higher than the rest but will save you money in the long run due to its extreme efficiency. However, gas water heaters are cheaper to operate, but electric is cost effective upfront. There are many pros and cons to each system. Therefore, our staff can help determine which best fits your lifestyle.

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