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Are you trying to find a certified and licensed plumber in Houston who can handle all of your home's plumbing needs? Look no further than Chavez Plumbing Inc. in Houston. Our family business provides customers with residential plumbing services in Houston that are comprehensive, thorough, methodical and reliable. It can be stressful to deal with a residential plumbing system that's giving you problems. Overflowing toilets, drain clogs, and similar issues can make getting through the day pretty difficult. If you are trying to find residential plumbing services in Houston that will make your life easier, Chavez Plumbing Inc. is the answer.

We're Houston's Hot Water Heater Experts

Chavez Plumbing Inc. has a team of full-service residential plumbing contractors that eagerly assist our clients with all kinds of requests and requirements. If you have any worries about the operations of your hot water heater at your Houston home, we can help you. The absence of hot water can ruin your day by interfering with your bathing and showering plans for the morning or evening. Don't let hot water inconvenience you any longer; reach out to the team of experienced plumbers at Chavez Plumbing Inc..

Residential Gas Line Service That Keeps You Safe

Our technicians can provide you with all sorts of gas line service, from simply checking for gas leaks or full on replacement and installation. We even work with Houston general contractors to install gas lines for new home construction. For a wide variety of quality residential plumbing services, contact Chavez Plumbing Inc., the team that Houston can trust.

Affordable Residential Drain Service in Houston

Hiring professional plumbers in Houston can often be pretty expensive; that's why we provide just about every plumbing service you can imagine, including dealing with stubborn drains. If the problem is superficial, we can simply unclog your drains. However, if the problem is larger, we might have to use our video inspection and rooter services to make sure your home's drains are working properly.


Family-owned-and-operated, Chavez Plumbing currently surpervises four plumbing crews who are all experts and professional in every aspect.

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