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When a building's sewer lines are clogged with dense debris, standard cleansers won't get rid of the food particles, bathroom tissue or grease. The best thing that you can do is call a knowledgeable plumber for emergency rooter services in Houston. A rooter for Houston commercial or residential properties is an important device that will scrub away the debris in the sewer lines with a huge brush that has stiff bristles. The rooter services we provide Houston property owners will chop through the invasive tree roots that frequently grow into the sewer lines.

Sewer Line Problems Can Lead to Raw Sewage on Your Houston Property

If your property has a lot of trees or shrubs, then the roots of the plants will seek the water and the waste materials that are flowing through the pipes underneath the property. When there are numerous roots that invade these pipes, the items collect debris, creating thick clogs that are impossible to remove with highly pressurized streams of water. There are several signs of problems with the sewer lines outside your business or home, including having toilets that won't flush completely or seeing standing sewage on your lawns. Having a backwash of sewage on your property is dangerous because it contains bacteria, viruses and parasites.

A Rooter Brush Will Cut Away the Tree Roots in Your Houston Sewer Line

You can't remove dense sewer clogs with a plumber's snake or by pouring corrosive drain cleaner into the sewer pipes. However, at Chavez Plumbing, an emergency rooter professional can bring the large piece of equipment that operates the brush that will dislodge the debris from your Houston sewer lines as fast as possible. In most cases, the plumber will arrive to your Houston property in an hour or less to begin the process of the rooter services. Our plumbers won’t need to dig a long trench to use the rooter equipment because the sewer lines have access points or openings with small covers. The rooter device is pushed into the pipes, and its sharp blades will chop through the thick or frozen debris. After there is a hole in the clog, it is possible to flush the debris away with water, but by continuing to use the rooter brush, it will cut away the debris.

Houston’s Go-To Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

In addition to using rooters for emergency sewer cleaning services, you can request preventative sewer line cleaning to avoid having a clogged pipe at an inconvenient time. Chavez Plumbing is a family owned and operated business that has provided a variety of plumbing services at local businesses and private residences in the area. With over 10 year of experience, our plumbers can provide the most efficient emergency rooter Houston service for property owners.


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