Residential Rooter Services in Houston, TX: Home Water, Sewer & Gas Line Inspection


If you're in need of rooter service, look no further than Chavez Plumbing Inc. We have specialized equipment that is specifically designed for providing our clients with a wide variety of quality rooter services. If you experience a clog that you feel you cannot handle on your own, call the experienced plumbers at Chavez Plumbing Inc. to get your plumbing system to function properly again.

Professional Rooter Service for Houston

If you are having trouble with a clogged drain, leaking faucets or stopped-up toilets, the best thing you can do is call an experienced professional. If you call Chavez Plumbing Inc., a professional rooter service, we will arrive at your residence with special rooter equipment to meet the problem head-on. Don't suffer with a clogged drain any further; call Chavez Plumbing Inc. today!

Different Clogs, Same Great Service in Houston

Bathroom sinks can experience a clog through soap, hair and other debris. Kitchen sinks can become clogged for different reasons, such as grease and food. Either way, you need an experienced plumber to help you get your drains functioning again before clogs become worse. If you reach out to Chavez Plumbing Inc. in Houston, you won't be sorry. Our professional plumbers have both the skills and the experience to deal with any kind of clog with specialized rooter equipment. If you have big or small plumbing issues, be sure to call Chavez Plumbing Inc. today to help take care of the problem!

Plumbers Available When You Need Them Most in Houston

If you go to take a shower and find that water isn't draining properly, it can be the beginning of a host of issues for you. If you're searching for a plumber in Houston to help you out, call Chavez Plumbing Inc. Our efficient plumbers are ready to assist you with any issue regarding drains, faucets, or sinks that you might be facing. If you decide to call, we are available to come to your residence and deal with your plumbing issue effectively and on time. Reach out to us at our Houston office today!


Family-owned-and-operated, Chavez Plumbing currently surpervises four plumbing crews who are all experts and professional in every aspect.

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