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If you are planning on upgrading your Houston home's kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or garden, it is a good time to also consider plumbing renovation. Since you may be replacing sinks, toilets, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers or sprinkler systems, you can take the opportunity to replace the pipes too. By replacing old pipes with new, you may avoid a plumbing catastrophe and save time and money in the future. Our licensed and insured plumbers know Houston's local plumbing codes, so you can be sure your plumbing renovation is done properly the first time.

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Many people like to remodel their kitchens or bathrooms to make them more up-to-date and attractive. These rooms require significant water connections and drainage pipes. Before you begin to plan a plumbing remodel for your Houston home, we can ensure your design and materials meet the code approval as well as your design requirements. We will show you the best place to put toilets, sinks and other fixtures according to the routing supply and drainage. If you want a completely new location for your fixtures, we can accommodate that too.

Houston Professionals Helping You Reach Your Remodeling Goals

Once you decide how you want your bathroom or kitchen to look, we can make a plan to achieve it. We will take care of assessing the size and types of pipe fittings you’ll need and make a plan that is in compliance with Houston's plumbing and construction codes. Some of the ways we may run new plumbing in your home for a plumbing remodel are:

  • Creating a false wall to conceal plumbing. Called a chase when it runs vertically from a basement to ceiling, we can also use a soffit that runs across the top of a wall.
  • Using an unused laundry chute to conceal pipes and usually run from the top floor to the basement or ground floor.
  • Wall cavities can be probed to find unobstructed plumbing routes. Our Houston plumbers may use a small pipe to find the route and then slide a larger pipe over the thin pipe once the route is finalized.

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Our plumbing remodel experts always considers the construction of your Houston home and never cuts or notches floor joists or support beams. For the plumbing renovation services jobs that we complete in Houston, we may simply run the new pipes in the same spaces that contained the old pipes. If you need major construction modifications, we will check with local building codes to determine how to deal with support beams. From copper pipe to several types of plastic pipes, we offer pipes in a variety of materials.


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